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Inman News: Seth Campbell of Five Doors Network is Keller Williams Expansion Leader

Inman News: Seth Campbell of Five Doors Network is Keller Williams Expansion Leader 

Seth Campbell KW Expansion
Seth Campbell, Chairman of the Board for Five Doors Network

In the midst of Keller Williams Family Reunion 2016, Inman News released an article titled “How to Conquer the World – KW Expansion Team Leader-Style” highlighting the company’s pioneers of real estate team expansion. Among the list of names featured (including Lisa Archer, Matt Fetick, and Laurel Starks), Seth Campbell was featured as the ‘top expansion team leader’ with Keller Williams Realty. The article covers a brief ‘who’ and ‘why’ for each of the expansion team leaders, noting each of their different strategies for real estate team expansion under Keller Williams Realty. As Chairman of the Board and one of the four Founding Members of Five Doors Network, Seth’s unique approach uses a Regional Partner model to stand out from the rest. From Inman News:

“…One of the biggest lessons Campbell has learned is to expand starting with high performers. “What we are doing is finding a proven higher-producing local partner and giving them regional rights to open Five Doors locations, then doing a profit split with them,” he explained.

“Every time we put newer or lower-producing agents in, it’s taken us nine months to get profitable,” he said. But a high-producing team can get to profitability in two months. It’s all about the “who” in a new location, he said.

“Each time we partnered with a proven producer who also has at least two key hires already in their business, we can scale their business quickly and put them in a place where they never have to hire or train administrative staff again,” he explained. “This gives them time to open new locations profitably much faster and have a new large income stream from being a Regional Partner.” – Gill South, Inman News

The article also addresses the controversy over whether or not expansion teams like Five Doors Network actually need a franchisor like KW…

“…Campbell dismisses that. “Team expansion makes sense inside a brokerage — it’s a win win — you get to leverage the brick and mortar, the errors and omissions insurance, and so on.” Compared with setting up your own brokerage, there is a tremendous cost savings, he said.

“In return, Keller Williams gets good-producing agents in their market, they have leads given to them, we don’t take up much of a footprint in the office — we don’t need to put admin in there, and they get income.” Some other brokerages mention that local offices don’t necessarily like expansion teams coming to town, but this is not a problem at Keller Williams, said Campbell, where market center owners are well-versed in how expansion teams work.

“I must get two or three emails a week requesting me to please put some of my team there,” said Campbell.” – Gill South, Inman News

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Five Doors Network Expansion Team

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