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Five Doors Real Estate Network

Five Doors Network is the first fully broker agnostic expansion team network in real estate. We value inclusion, diversity, innovation, and a personalized consumer experience above all. Currently, 65% of our leadership roles are held by women and we support teams in multiple brokerages. Years ago we saw the evolution of the real estate industry taking shape as the competitive landscape of brokerages increase simultaneously with the business savvy of growing mega teams. It became clear that scaling mega teams needed a new style of support which most brokerages aren’t designed to provide. Support that helps them recruit, automate systems, reduce staff costs, have enterprise level accounting and marketing on staff, customized technology for their very specific high volume or multi-location needs.

Brokerages are a vital piece of our industry for consumers and agents to achieve some of the most important life goals one will ever have… home ownership. Having been industry leaders in sales, brokerage, real estate leadership, training, we began to fall in love with many of the different brokerage models, cultures, strategies, and leadership. Like fellow business nerds, we are excited to witness the strategies being implemented by these incredible business leaders. It has also become increasingly clear that no single company established offices in each local market, and many companies have a model of local leadership or local ownership with the latitude to make their own fee structures, training, policies, etc that work will in most cases and sometimes create a massive inconsistency for a scaling mega team. Quite simply, the brokerage that is the best choice for one team in one city, isn’t always the best choice for another team in another city.  We respect that!

This appreciation led us to become brokerage agnostic. You love your company… so do we! They all have very compelling value propositions for different people. You choose the best brokerage for your team and we will be there to support you in becoming their best team ever! Our role is to help mega team owners break through that invisible $1M and $2M GCI ceiling, have enterprise level staff on demand, be part of a powerful mastermind group, have world class custom tech built for the high volume mega team – not the masses, and most of all… change their, and their agent’s family trees by creating generational wealth through real estate. We bring the staff, the lead gen, the accounting, legal, HR, marketing, technology, automation, development, investing, and training/coaching/consulting so the mega team owner can focus on building people and themselves to financial and calendar freedom. This is the future of scaling real estate teams. This is the Five Doors Network.